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About Us

From Small Beginnings...

This is a story of the culmination of countless hours put forth by a small group of sincere, hardworking, dedicated people, who wanted their own "home." The purpose of the Polish American Club has always been to perpetuate and preserve the traditions and customs of our Polish ancestry and unite it's members with their heritage, customs and culture.

The Polish American Club of Sacramento, Inc. was started on April 18, 1959 and in those early years monthly meetings were held in private homes and picnics in a nearby park. As the membership grew, private homes were too small and the Club began to rent a meeting room at the Turn Verein Center on J Street in Sacramento.  


"It all started as a dream. Many of us thought it would be nice if we had a building we could call our own; a place where we could enjoy many more events and on dates that are convenient to our members, not on dates that are left over after Turn Verein  organization had picked theirs."

Tony Survill was the first to donate $20.00 and specifically request it be placed in a special fund for "our own building."  Thus a building fund was born.

Even though our membership in earlier times consisted of only about 70 persons, various fundraisers and solicitations began. One of the most notable was the publication of our very first Polish Cook Book, Z Polskiej Kuchni. Through widespread publicity and distribution, we received orders from as far away as Florida and other East Coast destinations.

Over a ten year period, the building fund grew to $75,000.00. On October 2, 1987 the dream of the Polish American Club of Sacramento, Inc was realized with the purchase of the former Odd Fellows Building in Roseville.  The much anticipated "new home" was an old dilapidated building with broken windows, filthy floors and a roof that needed replacing. All the members chipped in  with donatios of money, services or goods. 


Today, over three decades later, we have a facility which we can all look to with pride. It is representative of the culmination of the countless hours as well as blood, sweat and, even at times tears, by a small group of sincere hardworking dedicated people. 

What great proof that, indeed, from small beginnings great results can be accomplished!

Mission Statement: 

  • To perpetuate and preserve the traditions and customs of Polish ancestry
  • To unite Polish people, and people of Polish extraction as well as people interested in Polish customs and cultures (not all of our members are Polish)
  • To promote good fellowship and be of benefit to our members
  • To initiate and carry out cultural, civic and social activities of the Polish American Club


The Polish American Club of Sacramento, Inc. was established in 1959 in Sacramento, California. It moved to its current location in 1987. It is licensed by the state as a non-profit organization.


Annual membership fee is $25 per person. Married couples pay $40 for joint membership. Young Adult Membership (16-20) is $15.00 annually. Non-members can subscribe to the monthly Gazetka for $12 per year.