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Hall Rental

Polish American Community Hall

atenRHshlThe "club-house" occupies a two-story building called The Polish American Community Hall. The building was purchased in 1987 and renovated.  2017/2018 has seen a number of improvements and upgrades to the building as well, including a complete renovation of the men's restroom. 

The upper level features a large Ballroom for 350 people, with a wooden dance floor, a stage, and catering/serving area. The catering/serving area also works well as a bar space as it opens to the ballroom via a counter. 

The lower level features a Banquet Hall, industrial kitchen, handicap restroom and can hold up to 350 people. 

Both halls are available for all types of social events. Typically interested parties rent either the upstairs Ballroom or the downstairs Banquet  Hall, but the entire building is available for rental as well. 

The building also contains a music room/children's classroom and a large library. These two rooms are typically reserved for Polish Club Members use only but special exceptions can be made, so please do not hesitate to inquire.

If you are interested in renting either space or the entire building, please email your inquiries to  our club email address. Please copy past this address into your email to: PolishHallRental@gmail.com  or call us at 916.782.7171 - if you leave a message you will receive a return phone call within 24-48 hours. Thank you for your interest in renting the Polish American Community Hall. 

Remember to include the date, duration and party size. 


What is the price to rent a hall?

The price ranges depending on the event and duration. Please contact the club for additional details.

What if I have a guest who uses a wheelchair?

The Polish American Community Hall is wheelchair accessible with a ramp  leading to the Banquet Hall and an elevator to the second floor. The building also contains a wheelchair accessible restroom off the  Banquet Hall. 

Do I have to clean up after my party?

There is a $600.00 deposit required to rent the Hall.  Your group is responsible for making sure all trash is collected and deposited in the dumpster located on the side of the building, removal of all items you bring for decoration and clean up of anything that is spilled during the course of your event. As per the rental agreement, the area must be left in a reasonably clean condition without damage.

Does the bathroom have a changing station?

Yes, both the Men's and Ladies main bathrooms have a baby changing station.

Do I need to supply my own towels or toilet paper for the bathroom?

No. The bathrooms will be  fully stocked prior to your event.

Can I rent your building for a Festival?

Unfortunately the only festival that can be held at the Polish  American Community Hall is the Annual Polish Festival. 

Are tables and chairs included in my rental price?

Yes. The Polish American Community Hall can provide both round or rectangular tables, depending on the quantity needed. However, set up and breakdown is your responsibility. 

Can I rent linens?

No. Unfortunately the Hall does not provide linen service. You must provide your own.

Can I rent chair covers?

Yes. The only color available is white. There is a $25.00 flat rate cleaning fee and a $1.00 per chair rental fee.

Do I need to bring my own plates and silverware?

Yes. There is no dinner service available for rent.

Is use of the kitchen included in my rental price?

The upstairs Ballroom has a catering/service area which can be used to warm food and is included  in the rental price of the Ballroom. The industrial kitchen is not available for use or rent. 

What if I need to cook for several hours prior to the party, may I rent the industrial kitchen?

Approval  of requests for rental of the industrial kitchen are made on a case by case basis. Rental of the industrial kitchen requires additional fees and insurance documents.